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    Agile Cultural Change - One Superhero at a Time

    Simon Owen

    Enterprise Cultural Change is HARD! Digital Transformation is pretty tricky too! A corporate ambition, strategy and direction is key but how do we also effectively engage the rest of the organisation at all levels to make it real, understandable, and inspire and excite people to be part of, drive, and embed, the change?


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    Combining Agile thinking with deep data to speed up how we deliver medicine to our customers

    Hannah Tipney

    Discovering, developing and making therapies of value for patients is both rewarding and incredibly hard. At GSK we are working to transform our pipeline through the development and application of advanced analytics, data science and visualisation.

    Customer Value

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    Customer-obsessed and product-focused – creating a climate where product management can thrive

    Sameer Gohil

    Enterprise level transformation within a large corporate can be difficult, but with a compelling vision, the right environment and supporting processes it is possible to bring product transformation to life . Balancing transformation with delivery through making changing the way we work become part of the work we do.

    Strategy and Leadership

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    Driving enterprise change: Delivering a skills transformation at pace

    Kate Llewellyn

    Paul Sarjeant

    Smart risk taking is becoming increasingly important for effective enterprise transformation. A key component is ensuring organisations have the understanding of how to drive key decisions with data and quantitative thinking. Harnesssing the power of the data & analytics (D&A) community through agile ways of working can accelerate this change.

    Ways of Working

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    On Leading Yourself - with personal authenticity

    Mina Bostrom Nakicenovic

    Leadership is not only about leading others but also about leading yourself. As it is important for a successful organisation to have clearly defined vision, mission and core values and to stick to them, the same should also be said for successful leadership.

    Strategy and Leadership

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    Somewhere between concept and context, lies confusion

    Ellie Taylor

    Samantha O’Neill

    Somewhere between concept and context, lies confusion. We’ll be sharing our approach to evolving Ways of Working at Nationwide, how we’re demystifying business agility for teams and our key levers for success.

    Ways of Working

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    Transforming a 200 year old enterprise towards fast feedback loops

    Ryan Tomlinson

    In this war story I will talk about our journey and approach to transforming how our product and platform teams significantly increased flow, reduced handoffs and shortened feedback loops whilst increasing quality, security and compliance.


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    Turning Theory into Action: Building High Performing Teams via Psychological Safety at GSK

    Terry Brown

    Talking about Psychological Safety has become ubiquitous. You cannot attend a meeting without hearing someone refer to it. In some organisations, it's at risk of becoming weaponised - if we talk about it enough, we don't have to actually put in the hard work.


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